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A high performing Board has become an increasingly crucial asset in any forward-thinking, growth business.

When it comes to assembling a Board, every business will have its own unique needs depending on its maturity, industry, and ownership structure, but fundamentally a Board is there to add significant value.

Experience & perspective

We help founders and funders identify the best advisors to bring the all-important external perspective; between investors and the leadership team, an effective Board should ask the critical questions and provide healthy challenges.

We have a proven track record of hiring industry-recognised and modern Chairs, NEDs and Advisory roles and understand the nuances of creating a diverse, effective and high-performing Board.

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Board +

Our Experience

Placement experience includes:

Non-Exex and Exec Chairpersons, Non-Exec Directors, Board Advisors and RemCo

Sector experience includes:

Sector Agnostic

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Meet the Experts

Jo Dalton

Founder & CEO

Kelly Tzelepis

Executive Search Talent Partner

Board +
Board +
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