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How we do it

We’re uniquely plugged into the startup and scaleup ecosystem: From advice at Seed stage to landing Series A, then through to pre-IPO, ambitious disruptors, are the businesses and talent that we know inside out and we’re proud of the relationships and reputation we’ve built.

This reputation gives us both credibility and access: our hard-earned successes (and battle scars) count for a lot when approaching world-class talent. 

Alongside this, our business boasts an impressive research and insights capability, utilising an array of comprehensive methodologies and data sets. By combining this data with creativity, decades of experience and the power of our network, we ensure we are able to consistently deliver the most diverse and inclusive talent pools around.  

Our Client Portal

We’ve invested in technology to give you full visibility of the search, market perception and direct feedback on your brand from the market. 

Our Client Portal gives you full access of our progress across each project in real-time: able to see bios, CVs, and assessments through to detailed mapping and target companies, you can see all of the data to build context and confidence in each hiring decision.

Our Client Portal

Our Process

Experience has shown us that every search is different, however, our 4-part approach ensures clarity around what we’re trying to achieve at each stage: 

Our Process

Research, Insights & Network

We have a dedicated Research and Insights team who are the detectives of data-driven intelligence, gatekeepers of knowledge and masters of efficiency. We listen to and understand the ecosystem, extracting key insights to inform our strategies and curate diverse talent pools.


With a holistic view and in-depth knowledge of the market and its intricacies, the R&I team uses market-leading tools, techniques and tactics, to strategically and thoroughly map the talent landscape, providing real-time market feedback and a comprehensive approach that you can trust.

Process-driven, we work in agile and regularly iterate our end-to-end process to ensure we are collectively delivering results through a thorough, coordinated and seamless approach, that mirrors the needs of our clients.

Research & Insights Projects

Can we help you grow your rocket ship?

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