Coaching & Advisory

We provide founders with the people advice they need to plan for the long term, and give senior leaders the coaching and feedback required to future-proof their career


Knowledge shared

Being a startup founder means facing new challenges everyday; being able to tap into the expertise of others (those who have hard earned battle scars) is invaluable.

Whether by connecting you to our network who has faced similar challenges (and lived to tell the tale), or by sharing our experience and expertise defining the organisation structures of unicorns and future-corn, we can help.

Additionaly, we are experts in career coaching, ensurning invidivudals can capitalise on your valuable skillset and future-proofing your career. We work one-on-one with individuals going through change: using practical, engaging and customised coaching, we help unlock full potential, enabling them to add value, build resilience and become fit for the future. 

We partner seamlessly with you to track down the most gifted and in demand talent to help you fill business-critical C-Suite and Board level roles